When in Nova Scotia, Surf with Happy Dudes in Three Fathom Harbour and Lawrencetown!






3.5 Hour Surf Lessons with a qualified instructor are $50 per person for groups of 3 or more and private Lessons are available for $120. Semi private ( 2 people ) $60 each. For booking lessons over the phone a credit card is required. 48hrs notice is required to cancel lesson. All prices include GST.       

All of the surfing equipment you will need for your lesson is available for rent from Happy Dudes Surf Emporium either at the Shop (4891 Hwy 207) or the Mobile Rental Van which is usually on site at the head bank overlooking Lawrencetown Beach. For rental prices go to HOME page half way down click on "interested in renting gear". 1/2 day is 4 hrs , full day is 8 hrs.

For beginner lessons we recommend using one of our longboards.  They are the perfect choice for beginners because the length offers greater stability - they are easy to use and safe.
Happy Dudes also rents wetsuits, boots, hoods and gloves. Wetsuits range from 3/2mm for warm water surfing (that's usually August at L'town) to 5/3mm and 6/4mm for hard winter surfing when the water temps hover around zero.

We have a range of sizes to accommodate all surfer wannabees -- men and women, children and adults. Although the water in Nova Scotia can be cold, these wetsuits will keep you very warm during your lesson.

Happy Dudes has the largest selection of wetsuit rentals in Atlantic Canada.   . . . /more


 When the surf
 is up,  find the
 Rental Van on
 the head bank
    Lawrencetown Beach....

    For rentals of boards, gear
 and surf instruction.

 Have you ever wondered
     what it feels like to walk on

Wonder no more,
     just learn to surf.

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