When in Nova Scotia, Surf with Happy Dudes in Three Fathom Harbour and Lawrencetown!


Keith wanted to create a line of surf boards that would work well in Nova Scotia surf and appeal to the local surfers. Knowing that all surfers have some attitude and are territorial plus living in rural Nova Scotia the Hillbilly face holding the double barrel shot gun seemed like a great concept.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to walk on    water?  Wonder no more,  just learn to surf.   /more

Several surfboard manufactures in the U.S. ghost shaped for Hillbilly but now they are currently manufactured by local shaper Scott Forbes.

Happy Dudes is also an authorized dealer for:
Oneill, Rusty, Surftech, Erie & Hotline



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 When the surf
 is up,  find the
 Rental Van on
 the head bank
    Lawrencetown Beach....

    For rentals of boards, gear
 and surf instruction.

 Have you ever wondered
     what it feels like to walk on

Wonder no more,
     just learn to surf.

Many of our customers start surfing as adults and want to learn quickly. With the Hillbilly Fish , Fun Shapes , and Longboards the learning curve has decreased dramatically. We have a large selection in the Shop and custom orders are an option too.  Learn To Surf!
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